Friday, August 08, 2008

More of Olga Spessivtzseva (1895-1991) in Act One of 'Giselle'

I've come across more footage of Olga Spessivtzseva as 'Giselle'.

It is also from the only known film of her dancing which was recorded at the Savoy Theatre in London in 1932. Her Albrecht was another Ballets Russes dancer, Anton Dolin.

Anton Dolin in Les Ballets Russes 'Le Train Bleu' (1924)

The two clips below are essentially the same.

However, the first begins a little earlier in the ballet (as Giselle is coming out of her mother's cottage) and ends with Dolin chatting with Spessivtzseva about how much he enjoyed dancing with her.

The second begins with Giselle already out-of-doors and dancing, and ends with Dolin questioning her about identity of the composer of the music (not Adam) of one of her solos.

He is a bit brutally insistent with these questions, and doesn't really take it gently and slowly enough to allow her to consider a response.

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