Sunday, August 31, 2008

La Goulue - Louise Weber (1866-1929) - Cancan Star of Le Moulin Rouge

Adolph Bolm (1884-1958) - Famed Ballets Russes Dancer

Bolm and Karsavina in Firebird (1911)

Bolm in 'DanceMacabre' (1924)

This site ...

... has tons of photos of Bolm in various ballets and places him in the context of the Ballets Russes and C20 dance in general through listing publications and his papers.

Friday, August 22, 2008

More 'Footage' of Nijinsky in 'L'apres midi d'un faune'

More footage if Nijinsky dancing in 'L'apres midi d'un faune' has appeared.

I suspect something like Jim Clark's 'poem animation' - see:

What do you think?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tamara Karsavina Exercises at the Mariinsky Theatre c1920

Finally I managed to locate the footage of Tamara Karsavina doing exercises at the Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersberg c1920.

Karsavina in 'Les Papillions'

Karsavina in 'Cleopatre'

Karsavina in 'Firebird'

There is so little film of any of the dancers from the Serge Diaghilev era of the 'Ballets Russes'.

Just fragments of footage of Anna Pavlova, Olga Spessitzseva, Anton Dolin, Alicia Markova, Alexand Alexandra Danilova and a tiny handful of others.

Friday, August 08, 2008

More of Olga Spessivtzseva (1895-1991) in Act One of 'Giselle'

I've come across more footage of Olga Spessivtzseva as 'Giselle'.

It is also from the only known film of her dancing which was recorded at the Savoy Theatre in London in 1932. Her Albrecht was another Ballets Russes dancer, Anton Dolin.

Anton Dolin in Les Ballets Russes 'Le Train Bleu' (1924)

The two clips below are essentially the same.

However, the first begins a little earlier in the ballet (as Giselle is coming out of her mother's cottage) and ends with Dolin chatting with Spessivtzseva about how much he enjoyed dancing with her.

The second begins with Giselle already out-of-doors and dancing, and ends with Dolin questioning her about identity of the composer of the music (not Adam) of one of her solos.

He is a bit brutally insistent with these questions, and doesn't really take it gently and slowly enough to allow her to consider a response.
Olga Spessivtzseva (1895-1991) in Act One of 'Giselle'

Another amazing find - of Olga Spessivtzseva in 'Giselle'!

Spessivtzseva is initially being interviewed by Anton Dolin, an old partner. And then dances part of Act One.

As you may know, her career was cut short by madness and hospitalization.

Then later in life she made some kind of recovery - though it may just have been that a 'suitable' medication was found.

She was the perfect dancer, dancing to her inner music own rather than that played by the orchestra.
Vaslav Nijinsky in 'L'apres-midi d'un faune' (1912)

Unbelievably, I noticed footage today of Nijinsky in 'l'apres-midi d'un faune'.

26 seconds worth, discovered in 2006 in the archive of Louis MAISTRE (1862-1948) and now uploaded onto YouTube by his descendant Christian Comte, with the accompanying information:

'nijinsky original movie of nijinsky dance 1912 film inédit de Nijinsky sur fragment de pellicule découvert en 2006 dans les archives de Louis Maistre'

The legendary dancer's movement seems strangely and evenly fluid, and so slightly unnatural.

And there are a couple of seeming 're-takes', like rap music where the record is being wound back and forward.